Accommodation and Tenancy

Australian Disability & Community Services provides one-on-one support to assist participants in achieving their Accommodation and Tenancy goals, such as helping the participants overcome barriers that impact a current tenancy or supporting participants to explore and obtain alternative housing.

Our Accommodation and Tenancy service can include assessment, individual case planning, practical one-on-one assistance, liaising with service providers, and capacity-building assistance to support people in achieving their personal goals. Depending on particular circumstances and goals, case planning and practical help can include:

  • Assisting participants in redefining or developing housing goals
  • Liaising with DHHS, real estate agents, or proprietors to identify barriers to maintaining at risk tenancies
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to maintain current tenancies
  • Exploring alternative housing options
  • Assisting with private rental applications
  • Assisting in lodging applications for DHHS rentals
  • Supporting participants to obtain DHHS Bond Loan and essential household items
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Liaising with utility providers and services to access Utility Relief Grants
  • Building capacity to receive sustainable accommodation with greater independence

Accessing this service

To talk with someone about this service or discuss your specific needs, please phone

0432 222 468, email or complete the online referral form.

Accommodation and Tenancy Support can be funded from Core Supports in a participant’s approved NDIS Plan.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.